A church devoted to glorifying God by Loving Him, His Word, His People, and Lost Souls
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English Service

Sunday 9–11am


Khmer International Service

Saturday 6–8pm

Sunday morning in Cambodia


Our church is studying the Book of Acts and learning about how God worked powerfully in the early church, in the lives of godly men and women who devoted themselves for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Getting involved means getting to know the church family. As you get to know the church, God will lead you to areas in which you may serve.

SUNDAY SCHOOL - We offer Sunday School classes for children and young adults.

 We offer Sunday School classes for young adults, Khmer speaking adults, and children. During the COVID pandemic, our classes will take place on Zoom. You’re welcome to join us

Our Mission & Vision

At Grace Koinonia Church, we glorify God by fulfilling His commands to:

  1. Love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.
  2. Love God’s Word by diligently studying and obeying Scripture.
  3. Loving One Another as He has loved us.
  4. Loving Lost Souls by living a godly life and sharing the gospel of the amazing grace of God.

Latest Message

The Great Commission

English Service – Message by Pastor Adam Amarith

What Does It Mean To Be A Child of God?

A child of God is one who God sovereignly chooses to save and transforms them to live a life by the Spirit of God and according to the Word of God. A child of God hears and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, accepting that Jesus Christ is God and the Lord and Savior of their soul. A child of God understands that they are sinners, deserving of hell, and saved by the mercy, love and grace of God. A telling sign of one who is a child of God is their love for God, their love and obedience to God’s Word, their love for the family of God, and their love for lost souls.




The Word of God teaches us who God is, what he has done, is doing, and will do and how we are to live our lives as children of god. Study the Word of God with us.


Baptism in the command of God and one of the two ordinances of the church. Find out more about our teaching on salvation and baptism.


Come and fellowship with us.


Our prayer ministry meets weekly on Tuesday and Thursday @ 7PM through Zoom.


We have an English bible study group and a Khmer bible study group. Contact us to find out more.


Our church has a Cambodia ministry and is committed to spreading the Gospel to the people of Cambodia.


As believers, we are drawn to offer our lives to serve the church of God. Contact our church leaders if you’re intersted in serving in the church.


You’re welcome to support the ministry by giving through our online donation platform or by mailing in your support.


Salvation is the Work of our Triune God. We believe that it is by faith that anyone is saved and that faith comes from hearing the Word of God.

Get Involved

Join Us At Any Event!

Weekly Khmer Worship Practice

Every Thursday on ZOOM @ 5:30pm

Worship team members study the Word and practice worship songs together.

Prayer Meetings on Zoom

Tuesday and Thursdays @ 7-7:30pm

Our church members from Cambodia and the US come together and pray for the church.

Monthly Hikes

Last Saturday of the Month @ 9am

Come and join us as we fellowship and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Church Service

We Gather Every Sunday

Sundays 9–11am 

Plan Your Visit

Our church currently meets through Zoom for both our Khmer and English church service. Please contact us if you’re interested in attending our church services.


Our English church is located in
Orange County, CA.

Sunday School

We have Sunday school for our Khmer speaking members and our children and youths. Sunday school classes are also held on Zoom. Contact us if you’re interested in attending Sunday school.

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